About Us

Welcome to Zossit!

Zossit fulfills a vision that I have to design T-shirts and other apparel that will give a positive message—a message that is designed to help us turn around our "down" times. Each moment we are faced with a choice, perhaps not a choice of circumstance, but a choice in how we face that circumstance. When we can step back into a place of mindfulness, we have the space to choose wisely.

Our goal is to help shift your point of view to dissolve whatever is holding you back (Zossit!), and to move forward to create a series of moments that you want to define your new life.

If you have ideas of images or reminders that will inspire you, please let us know using the Contact Us page.

I am currently splitting my work time by working about 30 hours a week teaching music and many hours working on this store. I welcome anyone who wants to help design on a commission basis. Please send us a link to your portfolio using the Contact Us page.