Vintage Bronze Dragonfly Pendant

  • $ 8.94

Dragonfly lovers will hover over this beautiful dragonfly pendant necklace. (Don't you like the mental image that gives you?) When you wear this dragonfly, imagine that you are sharing (symbolically) the magical qualities of the dragonfly:

  • It can hover, fly straight up or down, fly backwards, and make hairpin turns.
  • Most can fly at speeds up to 35 mph, but some can reach 60 mph.
  • The dragonfly accomplishes its flying feats at a remarkably efficient 30 wing-flaps per minute.
  • Its large eyes give it incredible vision, seeing all except for what is right behind it.
  • It experiences a metamorphosis from swimming nymph to a four-winged flyer.

Are you ready for a metamorphosis in your life, marked by agility, speed, and adaptability? Be the dragonfly!

The dragonfly pendant is made of an alloy with rhinestones and measures 2.1 inches tall with a 2.6 inch wingspan. The chain is 30 inches long.